Behind the scenes with the Father & Son Duo!

Ken Fisher (Fish)
Rhythm guitar, lead and back-up vocals. I started playing drums in bands back in the early 70’s with seve...ral variety bands based in the Fond du Lac area. These bands included the Gary Jackson Trio, The Waynes, and the Kopy Kats. The late 70’s took me to Eau Claire and while attending college I played in a Band called Fortune (complete with a full brass section). From the late 70’s to present my band affiliations included the following; Bib & Tucker, Radio Flyer, Lonesome Highway, RedFish, Marliejane, RedFish Remix, and finally a solo act called Fish “N” Solo. I have been blessed with the support of my family and friends over the years; music is a wonderful form of self-expression!

Matt Fisher (Fish)
Rhythm guitar, lead and back-up vocals. I have been around music my entire life, thanks to my gifted family! Started early on in multiple choirs, quartets, and duos. Dad and I played in a four piece with my amazingly talented Aunt and Uncle called MarlieJane, currently I love jammin’ with my pops in this duo, RedFish Remix. I love all types of music from James Taylor to Keith Urban to Luke Combs and Johnny Cash, but most of all just love singing kick @$$ harmonies! With my wife and two little ones as roadies, life can get crazy, but at least we can be crazy together!